Our call for proposals is open.

Call for Proposals

We encourage everyone who is working with Python to submit his/her proposal. We are looking for a large variety of subjects on different levels of expertise from beginners to professionals. The deadline for proposal submission is 5th of October.


To submit your proposal please use our conference system (in order to submit your proposal you need to create an account first).


The well known form of conferences’ presentation. Standard talk on a given subject, presented with help of slides. The usual time for this would be 30-45 minutes plus the Q&A time slot of 15 minutes. It's also important to notice that not only strictly technical talks can be submitted. For example you can propose a community or project management related talk.


The conference will feature 120-240 minutes workshops/tutorials on Python related topics. If you are interested, don't forget to include the requirements related to technical side of the tutorial. Also, please provide an information what do you need from PyCon PL attendees to participate in your workshops (e.g. some software earlier installed on their laptops).

Discussion Panels

That's probably the most challenging type of proposal. You need to be well prepared and have broad knowledge in the area that is supposed to be the subject of the panel. If you have a good plan we will aid you to make it happen.

Contests and other activities

Do you remember contest from previous PyCon PL editons or earlier PySnake Dojo? If you have an idea of making a contest on our conference, then we would like to learn about it. Also if you think you can come up with some conception for entertainment activities, then don't be shy and share it with us. We are open for all kinds of non-standard activities that could make PyCon PL conference better for our attendees.

Lightning talks

No, you don’t have to submit anything now. Submissions for lightning talks will be collected during the conference days.

Due Date

The deadline for CfP is due to 6th of September. After this date in around next 2 weeks speakers will be notified by an email about an acceptance or a rejection of the abstract.

Benefits for proposals authors

Acceptance of proposal results in free of charge attendance in the event and discount for the next year.