We encourage you to take part in the 13th edition of PyCon PL organized by the Python community in Poland.

Join us

Where and when?

Place: Internet

Date: 12-15th of November

Why it's worth to attend PyCon PL?

  • One of the biggest Python events in Central Europe - around half thousand of attendees
  • Multiple talk tracks and many workshops
  • Rich social activities and occasions to network
  • Programming challenge
  • Chance to learn new skills and enhance knowledge

What others said about our conference?

Carol Willing

"I had a great time meeting many Pythonistas"

Nicholas Tollervey

"PyCon PL is a really friendly and well run conference"

Daniel Pope

"I went to sponsor in 2017! Great people, great conference!"

Marc Garcia

"PyConPL at night is even better than during the day."

Krzysztof Sopyła

"I'm the first time at PyCon PL and I'm positively surprised by the atmosphere. PyCon PL you do it right"

Justyna Ilczuk

"I'll learned awesome things and met great people!"

Christian Heimes

"I had a lot of fun and met great people"

Zef Hemel

"500 Python developers in the middle of nowhere locked in a hotel for four days. Interesting social experiment."

Audrey Roy Greenfeld

"Everyone at PyCon PL was very friendly"

Mateusz Kuzak

"Fantastic community. I met so many great people."

Agata Maroń

"Thank You for awesome weekend on PyCon PL"