Keynote speakers

Mateusz Kuzak

Research Software Engineer, Software Carpentry mentor, instructor, trainer and Steering Committee member.

Carol Willing

Core developer for Project Jupyter and CPython, Research Software Engineer at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Steering Council member for Project Jupyter, and a former Director of the Python Software Foundation.

Daniel Pope

Web/DevOps Engineer and creator of Pygame Zero

Marc Garcia

Senior Data Scientist at Badoo

Thomas Waldmann

borgbackup, nsupdate.info and MoinMoin Wiki core developer.

CCC (Chaos Computer Club) and Pirate Party member.

Want to be a speaker at PyCon PL 2017?

A bit too late as we have closed Call for Proposals. But wait! If you think you have a really awesome topic that will knock us to the ground then please go to Call for Proposals form - we still might consider it and include in the agenda. Alternatively you can convince your company to pick Gold or Platinum sponsor package and have guaranteed place in agenda.


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