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Prezentujemy Wam pierwszych z naszych głównych prelegentów PyCona PL 2019. Więcej wkrótce.

Główni prelegenci

Asko Soukka

Asko Soukka (@datakurre) has Master's Degrees in User-Friendly Information Systems and Cognitive Science, and he works currently as a full-time software architect and senior developer in a small in-house software development team at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

Asko has been using Python since 2002, for profession and fun. He has been using Python for everything from developing and integrating large Plone CMS based solutions, to building independent Python based microservices, and scripting robotic process automation with Robot Framework. Asko is a member of Plone Foundation and has published or maintained dozens of minor Python packages available at PYPI.

Karla Fejfarová

Karla Fejfarová (@karlafej) is a biostatistician at the Czech Centre of Phenogenomics in Prague, Czech Republic. At work, she is helping the other researchers with computer-related tasks: anything from tweaking Excel sheets and making plots to doing data analyses and training neural networks. Most of her data looks like a mouse skeleton. She is one of the maintainers of the Twitter account @python_tip.

Kamila Stępniowska

I'm thinking about Python as the door opener to machine learning, that helps to gain better education and better salary.

My professional story is strongly connected with education & science (University of Warsaw), data science (, and diversity (Geek Girls Carrots and other organisations). All experiences shared between the US and Europe.

In previous years I have been creating B2B, machine learning education programs with, supporting diversity as the Women Who Code Seattle Evangelist, Advisor at She’s Coding, SheWorx Steering Committee members. As the COO at Geek Girls Carrots (GGC) I have been building the global community of women in tech. In my couple years episode of being a PhD student, I have been doing the research on open source programming project at Chair of Sociology of Culture, Institute of Sociology (University of Warsaw). Currently, I'm working with 10Clouds.

I'm an amateur photographer, Japanese culture fan, runner and Medium writer

Maciej Wielgus

Maciek Wielgus is an astrophysicist working as a Black Hole Initiative Fellow at the Harvard University. He holds diplomas in math from the Warsaw University and in robotics and automatic control from the Warsaw University of Technology. He received awards and scholarships from the Foundation for Polish Science and from the Ministry of Science. Maciek is a member of the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration, that has recently published the first images of a black hole. He is one of the main developers of the EHT open source Python tools for radioastronomical data set reduction and imaging.