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Katharine Jarmul

Katharine Jarmul (@kjam) is a pythonista and co-founder of KIProtect, a data security and privacy company for data science workflows in Berlin, Germany. She researches and is passionate about ethical machine learning, data privacy and information security.

Christine Bejerasco

Christine has started her career in cybersecurity in 2003, when she joined the Trend Micro after finishing her Bachelor's Degree for Computer Science in the University of the Philippines. In Trend Micro, she worked as a threat analyst and reverse engineer. In 2006, she became an independent contractor for PC Tools, building active honeyclient systems for Browser Defender. In 2008, she joined F-Secure as a malware analyst and has not left since. While in F-Secure, she has performed various technical and managerial roles from threat analysis, to service management, to people management. And recently, she was selected to serve in the F-Secure Board of Directors.

Antonio Cuni

Antonio is an Italy-based consultant with years of experience with both big brands and small business, holding a Ph.D. and a Master Degree in Computer Science. He is one of the core developers of PyPy, as well as the creator/maintainer/contributor of numerous other open source projects. He have also been very active in the Python community for years, giving talks at various conferences such as EuroPython, PyCon Italia, PyCon UK, PyCon ZA. He regularly writes on the PyPy blog. His main areas of interest are compilers, language implementation, TDD and performance.