PyCon PL 11th edition summary

Eleventh edition of PyConPL took place in Hotel Ossa Congress & Spa near Rawa Mazowiecka, Poland. Between 23rd and 26th of August almost 500 people gathered at the biggest Python conference in Poland.

The eleventh edition began with PyLadies workshops on 22nd of August, it was the third edition with a multi-day schedule. The workshops were supported by Tooploox, Brainly and the Python Software Foundation. From the 18 people that qualified for the workshops, in the end only 12 managed to arrive and participate. The interest in the workshops was far greater, but we weren't able to accommodate more participants, due to our limited financial capabilities.

Agenda of the conference consisted of 32 talks and 7 workshops. Three of the talks were keynotes and were delivered by Antonio Cuni, Christine Bejerasco and Katharine Jarmul. Traditionally they were financed in part with the funds provided by Python Software Foundation, which also supported the financial aid program for the attendees, resulting in $4000 combined. On Sunday a discussion panel devoted to the Python community in Poland was held, organizers from local meetups, PyLadies group and PyPolska Association participated in that activity.

On Thursday and Friday, there were Open Spaces, where the attendees could discuss various topics and meet new people. Thanks to the nice weather, we were able to organize a BBQ outside.

In the spirit of The Witcher universe, a fourth edition of the Python Challenges programming contest took place. There were also other activities that didn't require programming skills, such as board games, retro computers, and consoles. All that with interesting conversations lasting up to morning. Some of the attendees took part in evening sprint sessions.

The 2018 edition was as calm as the previous years, by no Code of Conduct breaches noted by Zuzanna Kunik.

After the conference, some of the attendees prepared their own blog posts and summaries of the conference: