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Call for Proposals is open!

Jun 25, 2014

We are please to announce that Call for Proposal for PyCon PL 2014 is open.

We encourage everyone who is working with Python to submit his proposal. We are looking for a large variety of subjects on different levels of expertise from beginners to professionals. The deadline for proposal submission is 14th of July.

So don't hesitate, write your proposal today and join the largest PyCon conference in Central Eastern Europe - we are expecting up to 500 attendees this year.

The Important information about CfP is presented below:

Due Date

The deadline for CfP is due to 14th of July. After this date in the next 2 weeks speakers will be notified by an email about an acceptance or a rejection of the abstract.

The Talk

The well known form of conferences’ presentation. Standard talk on a given subject, presented with help of slides. The usual time for this would be 30-45 minutes plus the Q&A time slot of 15 minutes, for each presentation but if you predict that for some reason your presentation will take longer, let us know as well. If you are interested in this, please submit the following things:

  • the talk subject,
  • short talk descriptions
  • few words about yourself

The Workshop

The PyCon PL 2014 conference will feature 120-240 minutes tutorials on Python related topics. If you are interested, we need a few things:

  • the tutorial subject
  • the tutorial description,
  • requirements related to technical side of the tutorial, frankly speaking, what you need from our side to make this happen,
  • a few words about yourself
  • an information about what do you need from attendees to participate in your workshops

Lightning talks

No, you don’t have to submit anything, just be there and be prepared to give on. Not sure what lightning talks are, please check Wikipedia description , or check the recent presentation from PyCon 2014 .


To submit the talk please follow the link .

Discounts and the conference booklet

Like the last year we are planning to publish a booklet which will have articles describing presented topics on the conference. For speakers with selected talks, this will be an option to get a refunding for a ticket.

To get article accepted it is necessary to follow our article writing guidelines. The deadline for an article will be delivered after talk submission acceptance. If your article will be sent before the deadline you will get a free ticket, but don’t worry If you won’t deliver it or you will miss the deadline you will still get the 50% discount for the ticket.

Workshops’ accepted speakers will always get the free PyCon PL ticket under condition, that they will provide plan of the workshop.

It is also worth to mention that all PyCon PL tickets include accommodation and meals in the conference hotel.


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