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PyCon PL is the fourth edition of Polish edition of PyCon conference.

This year we are using the website, which you may already know from the previous edition. Earlier logins are active, so, if you registered last year, you don't need to create the new one.

Invited speakers

Brandon Craig Rhodes

Brandon Craig Rhodes

Brandon Craig Rhodes runs an independent Python consultancy in Atlanta, Georgia, which helps startups and nonprofits use Python effectively to build web applications. He is the author of the "Foundations of Python Network Programming" book, and has maintained the PyEphem astronomy library for more than a decade. Brandon is the volunteer coordinator of the Python Atlanta meetup, has spoken at three PyCon conferences and two Plone conferences, and looks forward to being more heavily involved in the PyOhio community when he moves to Bluffton this winter.

Thomas Perl

Thomas Perl

Thomas Perl has been writing Python code since 2005, and is the author of the popular gPodder podcast client, available for multiple platforms. He mostly works on Desktop and mobile applications using Python and either PyGTK or PySide, but has also written a few libraries and non-GUI utilities, which are available from Thomas is the author of the PySide/QML tutorial for MeeGo, and has held a training about PySide at EuroPython 2011 in Florence. He is also active in PyUGAT, which is a group of local Pythonistas in Vienna, Austria with monthly meetups at the Metalab.

Lennart Regebro

Lennart Regebro

Lennart Regebro has been writing web applications with Python for more than ten years, and is the author of "Porting to Python3". Since one year he lives in Kraków, Poland but haven't had time to learn Polish yet.

"I'm not a Python fanatic, I only use it when it's the right tool; which is always."

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Call for Proposals

If you'll get by talk about an interesting topic or problem, sign in please and fill the talk proposal form Remember that most interesting are individual problems, that you cannot find in by reading manual or searching the web. We are waiting for proposals till July, 2nd.

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