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About us

The PyLadies Workshop is a great chance to start your adventure with coding and Python. With us, you'll get to know the basics of Python, as well as create your own website using Flask microframework - and all this in a positive, friendly atmosphere. You'll also meet likeminded people, which can help you learn after the workshop.

The workshop contributes to supporting diversity in IT. We implement PyCon PL's Code of Conduct, as a side event of the conference.

The Venue

The workshop takes place in Hotel Ossa, during PyCon PL.


12th October
Setting up your environment, configuration

13th October
Workshop - all day

14th October
Workshop - unitl early afternoon

14th-16th October
Optional participation in PyCon PL 2016

Take part

Even the longest journey starts with the first step. Maybe our workshop will be your first step into the fascinating and inspiring world of coding? Don't hesitate and apply today. We're waiting for people like you!

The deadline for applications is 31st August.

Become a mentor

You like the idea, like to share knowledge and know some Python? You can help at the workshop as a mentor, which can be really rewarding. Remember that helping others you're also helping yourself!


We need support from companies, institutions and private donors for our event to take place. In this section we'll present the our workshop's partners, sponsors and mentors.

We invite you to support us.


Who can take part in the workshops?

The workshops are aimed at women, but we don't restrict ourselves to this group only. Anyone can apply, what we most care about is your motivation.

What skills do you need to have to be able to take part in the workshops?

We don't have any specific requirements - basic computer skills and willingness to learn will surely do.

Do i need my own laptop for the workshop?

We don't provide hardware so you need to bring your own computer with you. Look at the good side of it though - you don't need to worry about saving your work, it will stay on your machine!

How long are the workshops on each day?

On the first day (Wednesday) we'll be setting up the environment in the evening, which won't take too long - to be safe, we'd dedicated 2 hours for it. The second day (Thursday) is the most intense out of the three, and we'll be working hard all day with a break for lunch. On the last day (Friday), the workshop is going to last until lunch, then you may participate in PyCon PL.

Is the food provided at the workshop?

Yes, we'll provide generous and various meals during the time of the workshops. People with different dietary requirements will find something for themselves. The food is free of charge.

What about accommodation?

The easiest thing to do is to sleep at Hotel Ossa (and we have discounts for attendees of our workshop). You can also find your own accommodation nearby or commute.

Is the venue accessible for people with reduced mobility?

All rooms in Ossa Congress & SPA Hotel are accessible on wheelchair and there are elevators making it possible to reach all levels. There are also specially equipped rooms available with adapted bathrooms.

How to get to Ossa without a car?

There is public transport, however it's limited so before and after the workshop there will be transfer available to and from Warsaw. Warsaw can in turn be reached by many means of public transportation, like trains or buses.

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