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PyCon PL 2012 is the fifth edition of Polish edition of PyCon conference.

This year we are using the website, which you may already know from the previous edition. Earlier logins are active, so, if you registered last year, you don't need to create the new one.

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Call for Proposals - 2nd call

Due to free slots in agenda it is possible to submit proposals till July 15th.

PyCon PL - attendance registration started

Want to take part in PyCon PL as a regular attendee? From now on you can as registration has already started. Meet the biggest Polish Python community and relax in a nice mountainous area.

Invited speakers

Audrey M. Roy

Audrey M. Roy

Audrey Roy is co-lead developer of the OpenComparison package comparison framework and co-organizer of PyLadies. She is also a principal at Cartwheel Web in Los Angeles. In her free time, she draws graphic artwork and creates sound effects with Python.


Jannis Leidel

Jannis Leidel

Jannis is a Django core developer, the chairman of the German Django association and the lead engineer at Gidsy in Berlin. He created a few of reusable Django apps and maintains Python packages such as pip and virtualenv.


Laurens Van Houtven

Laurens Van Houtven (lvh)

Laurens Van Houtven (lvh) is a Twisted hacker and core comitter, PSF member in charge of the Python IRC channels on Freenode, entrepeneur and co-founder/chief hacker at his current startup. Loves to teach.


Kai Diefenbach

Kai Diefenbach

Kai Diefenbach is a freelancer living in Erfurt, Germany. He is the founder of LFS, an online shop based on Django. He uses also Zope, Plone and Pyramid to create web applications.


Stefan Kögl

Stefan Kögl

Stefan Kögl is a computer science student at the Vienna University of Technology. He is running the podcasting webservice which is based on Django and CouchDB, and likes exploring the features of non-relational databases.

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